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2. Changes as of 2.3

The first change in 2.3 is the implementation of the 'precision override' attribute in the Display Attributes window, the display's property sheet. This property appeared in the property sheets of objects in previous versions, but was never implemented. It determines the precision with which text updates, valuators, and indicators display numerical values. If the value of this property is less than zero, the value is displayed with the precision specified in the database, as in all versions prior to 2.3. But if the value of the 'precision override' property is greater than or equal to zero, the object displays the channel's value with the specified precision. The 'precision override' property has no significance for objects other than text updates, valuators, and indicators.

There are now several more options for printing displays. Under the Options menu in the DM start-up widget, the user can choose Printer Selection which will bring up a dialog window in which the user can specify the default printer for displays. In the same dialog window, the user can specify that when a display is printed, instead of a being sent to the specified printer, the display will be spooled to a PostScript file. The user can also specify the file.

Two new objects--print display and print options buttons--have been added as of 2.3. They allow the user to print a display and configure the printing options of the display in DM. By clicking on a print display button, a PostScript image of the display is printed, either to a printer or to a file depending on the current settings. By clicking on a print options button, a user can bring up a dialog window with the current printer settings and can change those settings.

Scalable fonts are available as of 2.3 in sizes 6-24, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, and 95. Scalable fonts are currently included as a compile time option.To use them, the Makefile.Unix in rti, gizmo, util, and EDD must use -DSCALABLE_FONTS. This is done in the Makefiles for version 2.3. If you don't want to use scalable fonts, you must remove this define. Otherwise, scalable fonts will replace the existing fonts used in both EDD and DM. Since loading scalable fonts takes longer, a new program called preload_fonts has been added. If you run this program before staring EDD or DM, both initialize much faster.

Related display and execute script objects now allow the user to specify up to 24 related displays or scripts, instead of just eight as in version 2.2.

There is no longer a limit on the number of macro replacements in a display. In version, 2.2, there was an upper limit of eight macros that each display could use in its color rules and other attributes. Now the limit is the number of distinct characters recognized by EDD/DM, currently 256.

EDD/DM User's Manual, 2.4 - 27 MARCH 1997
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