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3. Changes as of 2.2

Displays were made to share colors. In previous versions, each display allocated its own set of colors, unless it shared an external color palette with another display. This is no longer the case. Now, displays can share their colors with other displays even if they don't share an external color palette. Blinking colors, however, are still allocated. With allocated colors, DM would sometimes refuse to open displays when all the monitor's colors were "used up." The possibility of this happening with displays in versions 2.2 or later is much less.

Several objects have been added to the objects that were not available in version 2.1:

a byte widget, which displays the on/off status of an arbitrary number of bits in a channel's word.

an image object, which can import a GIF image that will be displayed in DM

a toggle button, which turns a discrete channel off or on, i.e., between two different states.

The behavior of the text-entry object has been modified. Now values are not sent unless the user presses Enter or Return, whereas before values were sent when the mouse's pointer was moved out of the object. For the new behavior to take effect, the user must place the XResource variable Dm.teTimeout in his or her .Xdefaults file and set the value of the variable to a value greater than zero.

As of 2.2, DM will start even if no file is specified. Before 2.2, when DM was started from the command line without a file argument being specified, a usage message was printed and DM would not start. Now, DM will start and bring up a small widget from which the user can load displays. Also in EDD, when the user selects load display, the Motif file selection dialog window will appear in which the user can specify a file to load.

Lastly, a channel name popup window in DM has been added. It allows a user to view an object's channel and copy it into the paste buffer.

EDD/DM User's Manual, 2.4 - 27 MARCH 1997
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