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Chapter 7 Controllers

12. Print Display and Print Options Objects

The print display and print options objects have been added as of version 2.3. At run-time the user can quickly send the current display to a printer or a file by clicking on a print display button change, and can change the current printing options by clicking on a print options button, which brings up a dialog box that the user can use to specify which printer to print to, whether to print to a printer or a file, and which file to print to. At run-time, a user can print and change print options using the DM menu or the options in the DM window; however, the print display and print options objects make printing and changing printing options easier.

Not much has to be done to configure either one of these objects, outside of choosing the color or configuring the size. The property sheets of both objects are identical (Figure 7-16). Their one unique property is the 'button label' property in which you can specify the label that will appear on each button at run-time. By default, a print display object appears with the string 'Print' as its label and a print options button appears with the string 'Print Options' as its label.

A Print Display Property Sheet.

EDD/DM User's Manual, 2.4 - 27 MARCH 1997
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