EPICS Collaboration Meeting


This year's European EPICS Collaboration meeting took place at the Paul Scherrer Institut(e), http://www.psi.ch/, in Switzerland, in the second week of May 2001.


See here for a list of registered attendees and their email addresses


Monday, May 7: Training
Introductions to tools which people use with EPICS
Graphical DB Tool Matej Sekoranja matej/VisualDCT.ppt
Graphical SNL Steve Hunt
SLS VME hardware and Cabling Steve Hunt
EPICS database configuration RDB K. Kasemir EPICS_RDB.ppt
DB Workshop - Group Problems B. Dalesio db_example.ppt
Thuesday, May 8: Meeting
Project Updates
SLS status, Procurement of accelerator
subsystems with EPICS built-in
Steve Hunt Controls_Status.ppt
BESSY Beamline Control Dietmar Herrendörfer BeamLine.pdf
COMPASS SACLAY status Francoise Gougnaud COMPEPICS.ppt
DIAMOND Synctrotron Light Source Marc Heron epicsmeeting2001.ppt
IPHI Status Update and Plans D. Bogard, P. Mattei iphi_epics_zurich.pdf
SNS B. Dalesio sns.ppt (35MB!)
CA-Gateway Thomas Birke CAgw.pdf
2x16 bit IO and affect on modelling R. Müller OrbCor.ppt, OrbCor.pdf
RF control - why we don't use a PLC Werner Portmann
Software Engineering - why or why not? Trivian Pal
Insertion device control Timo Korhonen
X-ray BPM Jurai Krempasky
Experiment control and DAQ Markus for Detlef Vermeulen
Networks: security vs. ease of use Rene Kappeller
Namesever Karen White Nameserver1.ppt
"Middleware" connectivity Bob Sass Aida.pdf
Synchronized inter-IOC data aquisition Hamid Shoaee, Matthias Clausen Synchronized-Actions-slac-V-1.1.pdf
NLC test accel. 120Hz data acquisition Stephanie Allison NLCTA_PSI.ppt
Hardware Interfaces
Image processing (Win32, CAS) B. Franksen image_processing.pdf
G3 interface experience Carl Lionberger group3.ppt
Ethernet/IP for ControlLogix PLC K.Kasemir EtherIP.ppt
Image acquisition M. Dach psi/VIDEO/ImgAcq.html
Interface to Siemens PLCs D. Vermeulen
Wednesday, May 9
Timing for SNS Coles Sibley
SNS Machine Protection System Coles Sibley
SNS Timing/Event System J. Tang, Brian Oerter
VME ControlNet Support Update J. Tang
Software support for modern hardware
(hot swap support, post mortem analysis,
oversampling, automatic calibration)
Steve Hunt SoftSup.ppt
Timing system performance Timo Korhonen SLStimingEPICS1.pdf
Magnet power supply control A. Lüdeke
Diagnostics M. Dach psi/DI/DiSys.html
Interfaceing to DSPs M. Dach
Relational Databases
Update on BESSY RDB B. Franksen epics_rdb.pdf
RDB at PSI T. Pal
EPICS Config in RDB for SNS K. Kasemir EPICS_RDB.ppt
EPICS and Matlab f. SNS Injection
Painting Optimization
J. Tang
Extensible Display Manager K. Kasemir edm.ppt
Linux as a console Colin Higgs EPICS-talk.pdf
Visual SNL Steve Hunt
FSQT progress Josep A. Perlas
Graphical database configuration tool Matej Sekoranja
ELOG at JLab Karen White Elog.ppt
CDEV Table Widget Matt Bickley for Chip Watson CDEVtableWidget.ppt
Thursday, May 10
Channel Archiver Update K. Kasemir ArchiverUpdate.ppt
Archiver at BESSY Thomas Birke Archiver.pdf
Archiving at JLab, API Matt Bickley ArchiveAccess.ppt
Archiving into Oracle Bob Sass OracleArchive.pdf
SESAME Project
Web-enabled MEDM Matt Bickley WebMedm_EPICS01.ppt
DESY StripTool extensions Albert Kargamanov
SNS Ideas Ron Chestnut, Bob Sass SNS.pdf
vxWorks Cross-Compilation Markus Janousch Cross-Compiler Issues.ppt
WDB via GDB on Linux Till Strauman
3.14 Features Marty Kraimer 3.14.0alpha2.ppt, 3_14_0alpha2.pdf
3.15 features to be delivered Bob Dalesio 3_15.ppt


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