EPICS 2003 Collaboration Meeting 2003: Programme and Presentations

The presentations from the meeting are listed below. Click on the relevant title to download the presentation.

Wednesday 18th June

Status 9:00 Diamond Status Report Mark Heron Diamond
  9:15 Spear Upgrade Status Stephanie Allison SSRL- SLAC
  9:30 Delta Status Elke Kasel DELTA
  9:45 Accelerator Control Systems at KEK in EPICS Noboru Yamamoto KEK
  10:00 LANSCE Upgrade Status Eric Bjorklund LANL
  10:15 Daresbury 4GLS Brian Martlew CCLRC
Break 10:30  
Status 11:00 SNS Carl Lionberger SNS-ORNL
  11:15 JLab Status - Issues Karen White CEBAF-Jlab
  11:30 10 years of EPICS at the JAC Nick Rees JAC
  11:45 Spanish Light Source Status David Beltran LLS
  12:00 Slow Control for ugas and drift at COMPASS Francoise Gougnaud SACLAY
  12:15 Why aren't we all using Labview? Steve Hunt SLS-PSI
Lunch 12:30  
Applications 14:00 Personnel Safety Martin Wilson Diamond
  14:15 Diamond Vacuum System Steve Singleton Diamond
  14:30 Insertion Device Control Pete Owens CCLRC Daresbury Lab
  14:45 Insertion Device Control at APS Mohan Romanathan APS-ANL
  15:00 Recent Experience in Beamline Control Tim Mooney APS-ANL
  15:15 Control of Regulated Power Supplies Andreas Ludeke SLS-PSI
Break 15:30  
  16:00 Diamond Relational Database Krishnamurthy Vijayan Diamond
  16:15 ELog Elke Kasel Delta
  16:30 ELog Karen White CEBAF-Jlab
  16:45 EPICS Interlock Experience Kay Kasemir SNS-LANL
  17:00 Oscope Seth Nemesure SNS-BNL
  17:15 IOC Operation at SNS Carl Lionberger SNS-ORNL
Close 17:30  

Thursday 19th June

Timing 9:00 SNS Timing System Master Eric Bjorklund SNS-LANL
  9:15 SNS Timing Slaves Dave Thompson SNS-ORNL
  9:30 PSI Timing Master and Slaves Timo Korhonen SLS-PSI
  10:00 LANSCE Timing Requirements Eric Bjorklund LANSCE-LANL
  10:15 SLAC Timing System Ron Chestnut SLAC
Break 10:30  
Physics Apps 11:00 XAL - BLM Dan Ottavio SNS-BNL
  11:15 XAL - applications, correlator and framework Tom Pelaia SNS-ORNL
  12:00 Use of COSY Framework at SNS Igor Verstovsek COSYLab
  12:15 Complex Tune Feedback Mike Laznovsky (rc) SLC-SLAC
Lunch 12:30  
3.14 Apps 14:00 JoiMint / Elog Matthias Clausen DESY
  14:15 Device support for seqShow Kukee Kim SNS-LANL
  14:30 Converting Applications to 3.14 Kay Kasemir SNS-LANL
  14:45 JLab Archiver Matt Bickley CEBAF-Jlab
  15:00 Unix Watchdog Ron Chestnut SLC-SLAC
  15:15 Name Selection on Client side Andreas Ludeke SLS-PSI
break 15:30  
IOC Apps 16:00 OSI Layer Marty Kraimer ANL-APS
  16:15 Porting EtherIP to 3.14/OSI Stephanie Allison SSRL- SLAC
  16:30 PLC Drivers on LINUX Jun-ichi Odigari (ny) KEK
  16:45 Asynchronous Driver Support Marty Kraimer APS-ANL
  17:00 OPC Driver Bernhard Kuner BESSY
Close 17:30  

Friday 20th June

IOC Apps 9:00 Stream Device Driver for 3.14 Dirk Zimoch SLS-PSI
  9:15 Non-vxWorks IOC Apps at SNS Dave Thompson SNS-ORNL
  9:30 Experience with Windows based IOC Dave Purcell SNS-ORNL
  9:45 RTEMS at SSRL Stephanie Allison SSRL-SLAC
Core 10:00 VDCT John Maclean ANL-APS
  10:15 VDCT Future Development Rok Sabjan COSYLab
Break 10:30  
Core 11:00 Java Channel Access 2.0 Eric Boucher ANL-APS
  11:15 Name Server Joan Sage CEBAF-Jlab
  11:30 Mbuf Issues Dave Thompson SNS-ORNL
  11:45 vxWorks Issues Eric Norum ANL-APS
  12:00 3.14 Status Marty Kraimer ANL-APS
  12:15 Gateway Update / HP Issues Ralph Lange BESSY
  12:30 EPICS 2010 Report Matthias Clausen DESY
Close 12:45