conference EPICS collaboration meeting in Kobe   Sunday 11 October 2009
from 09:00 to 18:00
at Kobe International Conference Center (Room 401+402)
chaired by: Noboru YAMAMOTO (KEK ACCL) , Kazuro FURUKAWA (KEK ACCL) , Leo Dalesio (BNL) Leo Dalesio/Noboru Yamamoto
EPICS collaboration meeting in Kobe as a pre-conference of ICALEPCS2009

Sunday 11 October 2009
09:00 The latest release - and next planned release (30') pdf file presentation 
file Andrew Johnson (BNL)
09:30 CA Server Subscription Filtering - an Update (15') ppt file Jeff Hill (LANL)
09:45 Advanced Subscription Mechanisms (15') ppt file Ralph Lange (BESSY) , Andrew Johnson (BNL)
Coffee break (30')
10:30 Enhanced Directory Service (15') ppt file Ralph Lange (BESSY)
10:45 EPICS DDS: Application, Status and Direction (15') ppt file Nikolay Malitsky (BNL)
11:00 JCAL -A Java Channel Access Client Library (15') ppt file Hiroyuki Sako (JAEA, JAPAN)
11:15 Not another EPICS Display Manager (15') ppt file Kay Kasemir (BNL)
11:30 Implementation of a High Level Application Client Server using PVdata over Channel Access version 3. (15') ppt file Nikolay Malitsky (BNL)
Lunch (1h30')
13:15 Embedded Solutions for EPICS Based Control Systems (15') ppt file Miroslaw Dach (PSI)
13:30 Real-time Performance Improvement of "EPICS on F3RP61" (15') pdf file ppt file Hidehito Shiratsu (Yokogawa Electric Cooperation)
13:45 vxWorks (BSP level) driver for DMA on VMEbus/A generic driver for data buffer (30') Babak Kalantari (PSI)
  1. A vxWorks (BSP level) driver for DMA on VMEbus (supports for all protocols MBLT, 2eSST, 2eVME, etc. and provides multi-requester API, intr. Err. Handlings, etc.,). It supports SBC's equipped with Universe II and Tempe PCI-VME bus bridges (mv-2300, mv-5100, mv-6100, mv-4100, mv-3100 series) ppt file
  2. A generic driver for data buffer of the MRF event system. This provides supports to send/receive data via all standard EPICS record types and implements some simple (communication) protocols. ppt file
14:15 Discussion on Python Interface module (15') pdf file presentation 
file Michael Abbott (DLSLtd,RAL,DIA)
Demo & Coffee break (1h00')
15:30 RDB Based Channel Archiver (15') ppt file Kay Kasemir (BNL)
15:45 Automated Test of EPICS Drivers and DBs at Diamond (15') ppt file Mark Heron (DIAMOND)
16:00 EPICS IOC builder (15') pdf file presentation 
file Michael Abbott (Diamond Light Source Limited)

The Diamond EPICS IOC builder is a framework and toolkit used to automatically generate complete buildable and runnable IOC directory trees from a high level description, written either in Python (the original form) or described in XML. The builder abstracts support modules as objects which can be instantiated with parameters; this is then used to generate appropriate hardware initialisation scripts, template substitutions, and database records.

The builder was originally developed (by myself) to help with managing large numbers of nearly identical diagnostics IOCs with diverse database descriptions rather difficult to capture in templates; it has now recently been extended (by Tom Cobb) to support a spreadsheet style of input for building beamline IOCs.

16:15 JavaIOC Status (30') ppt file Marty Kraimer (BNL)