Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System


People to Contact

The EPICS collaboration divides the tasks required to maintain the software in a fairly broad fashion. The following people should be able to help with questions in the indicated areas, or will point you to someone else who can help. For many technical questions the best and fastest way to get an answer is through the tech-talk mailing list.

Installation and Configuring
Building EPICS at a new site involves telling it where to find the various tools and software packages it needs, then running gnumake to compile everything. The build system expert is Janet Anderson.
Collaboration Meetings
Users from the various EPICS sites gather together for a collaboration meeting generally about twice a year - one in the US and one in Europe and/or Asia. Bob Dalesio is the meeting coordinator and usually organizes the agenda, and he is the person to approach if you wish to hold a meeting at your site. See the Meetings page for details of past meetings including the presentations in most cases.
Training Courses
Various groups have run 1-week training courses in EPICS Application Development, and such courses are often arranged when there is sufficient demand. Bob Dalesio is a good first contact for such requests. Many of the materials developed for these courses are available online.
IOC Internals
The major architect for most work on the internals of iocCore is Andrew Johnson, who also coordinates all new releases of the EPICS base software.
Channel Access Libraries
Jeff Hill is the Channel Access wizzard, but he is often very busy with other projects so tech-talk may provide a faster response, unless the question can really only be answered by him.
The port of EPICS R3.14 iocCore to run on the RTEMS Real-Time Operating System was developed by Eric Norum.
License Questions
Questions about license issues should be directed to Andrew Johnson.