EPICS Collaboration Meeting

Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois USA
June 12 - 16, 2006

Collaboration Meeting Presentations

The files below are the original ones used in the meeting in their original formats: .ppt are MicroSoft PowerPoint; .pdf are Adobe PDF files, and .odp are Open Document Format presentation files from OpenOffice.org Version 2.

There are quite a few presentations missing from this list; these are still awaiting publication approval, and will be inserted in the right place as soon as it has been received (check the date at the bottom of the page to see if any changes have been made).

Title Speaker
Tuesday (June 13th)
Status Reports
SNS Status Dave Gurd (ORNL)
Diamond Status Thomas Cobb (Diamond)
LCLS Status Hamid Shoaee (SLAC)
Status of the Willy-Wien Laboratory Ralph Lange (BESSY)
JParc Status Norihiko Kamikubota (KEK)
Developments at KEK Tatsuro Nakamura (KEK)
SLS Status Dennis Armstrong (PSI)
Status of EPICS at Fermilab Geoff Savage (FNAL)
Wednesday (June 14th)
IOC Operating Systems
LCLS Timing and LLRF on RTEMS Dayle Kotturi (SLAC)
Core Development
EPICS Version 4 Update Bob Dalesio (SLAC)
Feedback on EPICS V4/V3 directions Nick Rees (Diamond)
A new hierarchical EPICS database experiment Kay-Uwe Kasemir (ORNL)
A Java-based IOC Marty Kraimer
CA Enhancements for LANSCE Timed and Flavored Data Jeff Hill (LANL)
Record/Device/Driver support
Motor Control and Power Drive support Darrell Nineham (Hytec Electronics)
Enhancements to Motor record Device and Driver support Peter Denison (Diamond)
New drivers for the Motor record Mark Rivers (University of Chicago)
MCS-8 motion controller Rok Sabjan (Cosylab)
Support for CR/CSR Addressing Eric Bjorklund (LANL)
Beamline Control
Synapps Workshop report Nick Rees (Diamond)
Summary of Beamline Controls SIG Workshop Mark Rivers (University of Chicago)
Timing Systems
LCLS Timing Stephanie Allison (SLAC)
Micro Research Timing Components Jukka Pietarinen (Micro Research)
General Time issues Dave Thompson (ORNL)
drvTS improvements for soft timing Matthias Clausen (DESY)
Updating IOC Time capabilities Timo Korhonen (PSI)
Thursday (June 15th)
Infrastructure and Software Development
Summary of CSS / Eclipse SIG Workshop Matthias Clausen (DESY)
The Future of Visual DCT Emma Shepherd (Diamond)
EPICS with Cocoa Tom Pelaia (ORNL)
Application error reporting with "Err" Ron MacKenzie (SLAC)
IOC - Relational DB Connectivity Bridge Andrei Liyu (ORNL)
Distributed Development Environment for ILCTA Margaret Votava (FNAL)
LCLS network and support planning Terri Lahey (SLAC)
Embedded Controllers
The Cosylab MicroIOC family Gasper Pajor (CosyLab)
Transient Recording with a ucDIMM Matthias Clausen (DESY)
Supporting Industry Pack Cards on the IOC Blade 9010 Darrell Nineham (Hytec Electronics)
Magnet Control
A PMC Power Supply Controller Bob Dalesio (SLAC)
User Gap Controls for Mini-gap Undulators at the NSLS Bill Nolan (BNL)
Friday (June 16th)
Converting from EDD/DM to EDM Rolf Keitel (TRIUMF)
SNS Logbook: New features and future directions Tom Pelaia (ORNL)
Channel Archiver Update Kay-Uwe Kasemir (ORNL)
SNL Enhancements Mike Laznovsky (SLAC)
Redundancy Monitor Task Matthias Clausen (DESY)
Continuous Control Executive Bob Dalesio (SLAC)
High Level Applications
Experience installing and getting started with XAL Sergei Chevtsov (SLAC)
XAL: Status, new features and future directions Tom Pelaia (ORNL)

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