EPICS 2007

Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System Collaboration Meeting

October 13-14, 2007
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Knoxville, TN


EPICS 2007 Attendees

The 2007 Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System (EPICS) Collaboration Meeting took place October 13-14, 2007 in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Knoxville, TN, preceeding ICALEPCS07.


Crowne Plaza Hotel
401 W Summit Hill Dr.
Knoxville, TN 37902, United States
Hotel Front Desk: 1-865-522-2600
Hotel Fax: 1-865-523-7200

This is one of the ICALEPCS07 hotel accommodations, which hosted the welcome reception on Sunday, Oct. 14. It is not the Knoxville Convention Center where ICALEPCS07 proper takes place during the following week.

Driving Directions and Map


Sat, Oct 13
Start End Topic Presenter Detail
8:30 9:00   Breakfast until 9:00
9:00 9:15 Welcome
  EPICS Base
9:15 9:30 Java CAS Rok Sabjan for Matej  
9:30 9:45 Java IOC Generic Support Marty Kraimer A small set of generic support code implements the functionality the record types that come with EPICS base and can also be used for "device" records.
9:45 10:00 Java IOC portDriver Marty Kraimer The JavaIOC implementation of asynDriver.
10:00 10:15 Channel Access Update Jeff Hill  
10:15 11:00 -- Break --
11:00 11:15 Developments in Base Andrew Johnson  
  Embedded Control
11:15 12:00 RTEMS Joel Sherrill  
12:00 12:15 MicroIOC Projects Rok Sabjan  
12:15 12:30 Power Supply control at APS Eric Norum  
12:30 14:00 -- Lunch -- On Sunday, lunch will be provided,
but you're on your own Saturday.
14:00 14:15 BPM Control at Diamond Mark Heron  
14:15 14:30 Diamond Fast Orbit Feedback James Roland  
14:30 14:45 LLRF Solutions at SNS Larry Doolittle  
14:45 15:00 Open Source Device Ctrl Platform Larry Doolittle  
15:00 15:15 Components for integrating device controllers for Fast orbit Feedback Jukka Pietarinen  
15:15 15:30 EDM update John Sinclair  
15:30 15:45 Web-based tools Elder Matias  
15:45 16:00 Web-based tools Tom Pelaia  
16:00   -- End of Saturday session --
Sun, Oct 14
Start End Topic Presenter Detail
8:30 9:00     Breakfast until 9:00
  Tool Update
9:00 9:05 VDCT Update Nick Rees  
9:05 9:15 Operator Interface Discussion   Anybody still developing for Motif? Antipodean approach?
9:15 9:30 JLab RDB Archiver Update Matt Bickley Transitioning from custom files to MySQL-based setup.
9:30 9:45 SLAC RDB Archiver results Bob Hall Update on what worked and what didn't.
9:45 10:00 SNS Archiver stats and problems Kay ChannelArchiver works, but problems maintaining the data storage. Highly interested in RDB for data storage.
10:00 10:15 Archive Discussion   Anything else out there? Particle Physics Data Grid?
  High-Level Apps, Eclipse, CSS
10:15 10:30 SLAC Application plans Paul Chu? Greg White? SEAL: SLAC Eclipse Accelerator Lab?
10:30 10:45 APS XRay Analysis Workbench Ken Evans  
10:45 11:30 -- Break --
11:30 11:45 CSS Intro Matthias General CSS Introduction
11:45 12:00 CSS Platform Jan Hatje Technical Overview
12:00 12:15 CSS Applications Kay Application Overview
12:15 12:30 Discussion   Any bad Java experience? A netbean vs. eclipse vs. my-custom-framework shootout?
12:30 14:00 -- Lunch -- Lunch will be provided
  XAL Sessions
Sessions include 10 min Q&A
14:00 14:30 XAL at J-PARC Sako-san Difficulties installing XAL, lessons learned, important issues for future use
14:30 15:00 XAL at SNS J.Galambos What we did right, what we could have done better
15:00 15:30 Successful Collaborations Dalesio Leasons learned from the EPICS collaboration, how to formalize XAL without making it formal (unfun)
15:30 16:00 -- Break --
16:00 16:25 XAL Repository P. Chu Core/Extensions distributions, JARs, XAL ver 2
16:25 16:55 Application GUIs P. Chu       T. Pelaia Bricks Application, XAL Application Framework, Eclipse Framework
16:55 17:10 Architecture and Engineering C.K. Allen XAL architectural improvements
17:10 17:30 Closeout    
Location of the EPICS Meeting:
Crowne Plaza Hotel, room "Tennessee B" 
Satellite Meetings
We intend to have short workshops, some in parallel to ICALEPCS sessions.
Location: Room 300C of the Knoxville Convention Center.
Tuesday, Oct. 16
10:00 12:00 Web-Based Applications Elder, Tom  
Thursday, Oct. 18
11:00 12:30 CSS Discussions Matthias, Kay  
18:00 20:00 High-Level Physics Applications Bob  
ad hoc   Embedded Controls Bob  




  Information Contact : Kay Kasemir, [email protected] Agenda Contact : Bob Dalesio, [email protected]  

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Office of Science