EPICS 2007

Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System Collaboration Meeting

October 13-14, 2007
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Knoxville, TN



Topic Presenter
Java CAS Rok Sabjan for Matej
Java IOC Marty Kraimer
Channel Access Update Jeff Hill
Developments in Base Andrew Johnson
Embedded Control
RTEMS Joel Sherrill
MicroIOC Projects Rok Sabjan
Power Supply control at APS Eric Norum
BPM Control at Diamond Mark Heron
Diamond Fast Orbit Feedback James Roland
LLRF Solutions at SNS Larry Doolittle
Open Source Device Ctrl Platform, (Animation Source and Makefile) Larry Doolittle
Components for integrating device controllers for Fast orbit Feedback Jukka Pietarinen
Web-based tools (CLS) Elder Matias
Web-based tools (SNS) Tom Pelaia
Tool Update
VDCT Update Nick Rees
EDM update John Sinclair
JLab RDB Archiver Update Matt Bickley
SLAC RDB Archiver results Bob Hall
SNS Archiver stats and problems Kay
High-Level Apps, Eclipse, CSS
SLAC Application plans Paul Chu
APS XRay Analysis Workbench Ken Evans
CSS Intro Matthias
CSS Platform Jan Hatje
CSS Applications Kay
XAL Workshop
Agenda C.K. Allen
XAL at J-PARC Sako-san
XAL at SNS J.Galambos
Successful Collaborations Dalesio
XAL for LCLS P. Chu
Application Architecture T. Pelaia
XAL2 C.K. Allen
  Information Contact : Kay Kasemir, kasemirk@ornl.gov Agenda Contact : Bob Dalesio, dalesio@slac.stanford.edu  

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Office of Science