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This page is really an index of other pages containing documentation, because EPICS documentation is distributed between the different parts of the project (and it's not all at the APS site either). In most cases, the documentation associated with a particular part of EPICS is found on the part of this site that is concerned with that part of the code, and the links below will take you to those areas.

A number of different document formats are used, depending on the original author's preferences. Hypertext (HTML) and PDF predominate, but PostScript is also occasionally used.

  • EPICS Base - Documents related to a specific release of Base.
  • Support Modules - Information about a particular record type, driver or other support.
  • Extensions - Channel Access clients, DB Configuration Tools etc.
  • Channel Access - Concepts and design, see the EPICS Base area too.
  • Training - Materials developed for various EPICS courses.
  • EPICS Logo - Graphics files and permission to use the logo.
  • General Descriptions - Overviews and the history of EPICS.
  • Hardware support - very old documentation, check the Support Modules area first for newer versions.

Documentation FAQ

Where can I find the IOC Application Developers' Guide?

This document, along with other similar documents, is very specific to the particular release of Base that you want to know about. You'll find a link to it on the page for your Base release in the EPICS Base area.

Where is the Record Reference Manual for R3.14.x?

It's on the Wiki, please update it if you find any parts that need corrections.

Older stuff

The original APS EPICS Documentation page will no longer be maintained or updated. If there are any documents listed there that you will need access to in the future but cannot find in this new documentation area please let me know.

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