Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System

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Base Release 3.14.7


The following documents cover the 3.14.7 version of Base. Additional documentation can also be found in the documentation subdirectory of the distribution source code.

NOTE: These documents may be revised at any time without generation of a new source release.

Software Download

All previously released versions of Base are now publicly available, including a nightly snapshot of the R3-14 branch of the EPICS CVS repository. To discover the size of the download files in advance, visit the Base Download area. The tar file linked below contains source code only (no binaries), and was compressed using gnuzip.

Sample Applications

An example application called the Virtual Linac is available in the Example Downloads area. This includes tar files for Linux, Solaris, MacOS/Darwin, and an ISO CD-ROM image for all of these architectures plus MS Win32.

Mauro Giacchini has created a bootable Linux LiveCD called LivEPICS, which contains this release of Base, Asyn, and various extensions such as MEDM and JDCT.

Related Software

All hardware support, the sequencer, gpib support, and some other products have been unbundled from base. Versions of the sequencer and gpib that have been converted to run with R3.14 are available from the links below. Other hardware and software support modules may be found via the hardware support database, but might not have a R3.14 version available yet.