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This page contains pointers to some example EPICS IOC applications which are distributed by APS under the terms of the EPICS Open license.

Point Releases

The following releases of example EPICS IOC applications are available for download.

or Date
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Virtual Linac ISO CDROM image (gzipped) V0.7 80479 KB vlinac0-7.iso.gz
Virtual Linac source code 2004-08-18 59 KB vlinac_src.tgz
Virtual Linac demo for Sun Solaris on sparc 2004-08-18 2669 KB vlinac_solaris-sparc.tgz
Virtual Linac demo for Linux on x86 2004-08-18 1318 KB vlinac_linux-x86.tgz
Virtual Linac demo for MacOS-X 2004-08-18 2482 KB vlinac_darwin-ppc.tgz
Virtual Linac demo for Microsoft Windows 2004-08-12 4569 KB VirtualLinacSetup.exe
Mac OS X version of EPICS course files. 2006-02-13 24547 KB EPICS_INSTALLER-2006-02-13.tar.gz
Virtual Linac demo for Linux, MacOS and Solaris-sparc 2011-03-21 19790 KB vlinac_multi.tgz
Virtual Linac bootable image on Ubuntu 12.04 2012-09-13 832162 KB EPICSLive.zip
Virtual Linac for Linux, MacOS and Solaris-sparc 2013-04-12 11268 KB vlinac_2013-04-12.tgz

Note that to run the Virtual Linac demo on Microsoft Windows, you also need the commercial Hummingbird Exceed X Window Server software, and to have installed the EPICS Win32 Extensions package. On MacOS you must have Apple's X11 package installed.

CVS Snapshots

The above examples packages are maintained in the EPICS CVS repository at APS. In addition to the point releases above, you can also download the latest version of the source that has been committed to CVS. The following gzipped tar files are created shortly after midnight Chicago (Central US) time whenever any change has been committed to the CVS repository, thus they should never be more than 24 hours behind the latest development version of the extension concerned. If a creation date is several days or even weeks old, that means that nothing has been checked into that CVS branch between that date and midnight in Chicago last night.

There is no guarantee that any particular CVS snapshot will even compile, let alone run properly. Do not rely on these extension versions, although in many cases they should work properly and may contain the latest bug fixes that will be found in the next official release.

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Virtual Linac Thu, 07th Sep 2017 204 KB vlinac_cvs.tar.gz

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