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Unbundled Support

This page contains pointers to R3.14 versions of software which was included in releases of Base R3.13 but is no longer included with Base R3.14.

State Notation Compiler and Sequencer

Newer versions of the State Notation Compiler and Sequencer have been available outside of Base 3.13 for quite some time, and this code has been complerely removed from Base 3.14. All versions of this code are now available from the Sequencer website.

Old Drivers

The 3.13 releases of EPICS Base provided device/driver support for many VME hardware devices, all of which have been removed and distributed separately from Base as of 3.14. This page provides links to the 3.14 support modules for most of these unbundled devices. With the exception of asynDriver, new EPICS users will probably not be interested in much of this support because most of these modules are quite old and may be obselete. This list is provided to help convert existing applications from Base 3.13 to 3.14.

The following support is available:

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