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Caution, dead tree

Base Release 3.12

EPICS R3.12 is an old release, although still in use at some sites.


The following documents cover these versions of Base. Textual links are to HTML documents, other formats are indicated by an icon link.

Release Notes

Reference Documents

Software Distribution

All previously released versions of Base are now publicly available. To discover the size of the download files in advance, visit the Base Download area. These tar files contain source code only (no binaries), and were compressed using gnuzip.

Software Required

EPICS R3.12.2 requires that a site have installed the vxWorks RTOS from Wind River version 5.2, although it ought to also work with some later versions.

Also required are GNU make 3.71 or later, and gcc 2.7.2 or the native ANSI C compiler for your host platform.

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