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All our Exhibitor places are now fully booked in the main reception area of EPICS 2013. If you would interested in discussing other opportunities to partner with EPICS 2013 then please contact our sponsorship team at epics2013@diamond.ac.uk





Since 1975 Delta Tau has been producing high-speed, high precision, open architecture Motion Controllers from single axes to fully coordinated multi axes systems.

With nearly four decades of experience in high performance motion control solutions more than one million axes of motion are controlled by Delta Tau products in just about every industry imaginable.

Delta Tau controllers have excelled in the high energy physics industry where precision, coordination, stability, repeatability and accuracy are paramount.

Delta Tau provides the best application support in the industry with local application engineers strategically located throughout the world to assist whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Delta Tau Website


Observatory Sciences is a leading developer and supplier of software for the control of 'big science' systems and instruments, including synchrotrons and telescopes. We use our expertise to provide a range of bespoke systems development, consultancy and project management services tailored to the needs of individual clients.

We employ a range of software technologies for producing control systems, including EPICS, LabVIEW from National Instruments, as well as Java and C/C++ programming.

Recent EPICS software projects include controls for insertion devices at NSLS-II and support software for the new Delta Tau PowerPMAC motion controller.

Observatory Sciences Website


Hytec Electronics Ltd manufacture control and data acquisition system hardware and software.

Our range of hardware modules cover analogue (ADCs, DACs), digital I/O, counter timers and scalers, serial line RS232 and RS485 and step motor control. Our modular Industry Pack approach allows these designs to be used in VME, VME 64x, cPCI, PCI, PCIe, MTCA.4 and dedicated IOC formats such as our 9010 IOC.

Our data acquisition hardware is supported with free to download device driver and EPICS Asyndriver support. We also consult on requirements and implement application solutions, including precision timing systems, for beamline and high energy laser systems.

Hytec Electronics Ltd Website



D-TACQ Solutions specialises in High Performance Simultaneous Data Acquisition. D-TACQ designs, manufactures and supports a range of intelligent digitizers featuring simultaneous capture, high channel count, on board microprocessor and an Ethernet interface, used in control and diagnostic applications world-wide.

New for 2013 is a range of modular data acquisition modules and carriers based on the FMC standard and modern SOC technology.

D-TACQ also undertakes semi-custom work such as the 20-bit power supply controller for TPS

D-TACQ Solutions Website


Founded in 1980, Tessella is the international provider of science powered technology and consulting services. World leading organizations choose our unique blend of science, engineering and sector expertise to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to complex real-world commercial and technical challenges.

Our people are high achievers from leading universities and are passionate about delivering value to clients. We are proud that our work makes the world a better place to live in: developing smarter drug trials; preserving the digital heritage of nations across the globe; minimizing risk in oil and gas exploration; controlling the orbit and attitude of satellites; researching fusion energy.

Tessella Website


From vacuum-compatible motors and stages, to basic goniometers to fully integrated electromechanical systems, Aerotech's engineering staff has the experience and expertise to design, build and test a system to your exact requirements.

From concept design to final sphere of confusion measurements, a dedicated project engineer will work step-by-step to fulfill your requirements. Sophisticated multi-axis systems are completely customized to suit user needs and specifications.

Most systems incorporate linear, rotary, vertical and goniometric motion for vacuum or air environments. These are all integrated with a granite base and welded steel substructure. Precision metrology operations like alignment, calibration and sphere of confusion measurements are carried out on the complete, assembled system.

Aerotech Website


MotionLink Ltd offers a complete motion and position control solution for any application, whether it requires nanometric precision or travel spanning metres.

We offer a comprehensive design and build service incorporating our own linear and rotary stages, controlled by our versatile ServoStep and MotionPod intelligent controllers, with up to 8 axes of motion available in one controller.

MotionLink is the exclusive UK distributor of:

  • Advanced Motion Control Inc.                        servo amplifiers
  • Galil Motion Control Inc.                               motion controllers
  • Gurley Precision Instruments Inc.                  rotary and linear encoders
  • Micronix Inc.                                                high precision, long travel piezo stages
  • nPoint Inc.                                                   high accuracy piezo linear and rotary stages


Motionlink Ltd is also an appointed Preferred System Integrator for Aerotech UK Ltd, offering special system designs using Aerotech products.

Motionlink Ltd Website


Since 1976, National Instruments has equipped scientists and engineers with tools that enable innovation and scientific discovery. NI provides EPICS-enabled commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware platforms for diagnostic, measurement and control needs. NI COTS offering include modular instrumentation platforms, embedded real-time systems, and FPGA-enabled hardware for customization by end users.

NI hardware platforms can be used with middleware such as EPICS and run on a variety of operating systems including Linux, VXWorks, and Windows. NI hardware and software have been deployed in many facilities including Los Alamos National Laboratory, ISIS Synchrotron, and CERN.

National Instruments Website