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Subject: caQtDM
From: "Mezger Anton Christian" <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2012 20:09:34 +0100
Title: caQtDM

Dear all,

A major upgrade of caQtDM is available ( Version 2.1) . Information can be found at our PSI-Website http://epics.web.psi.ch/software/caqtdm/

The major improvements are the following:

1.      changes for stability

2.      internal variables that can be used as process variable. A variable can be defined, calculated and used as a normal pv.

3.      camera widget for the usual psi cameras.

4.      all the features of medm used for the cartesian plots are implemented. The cartesian plot background can be made transparent so that a camera image can be underlaid. The limits of the x and y axes can be changed by specifying pv's instead of values when using channel limits.

5.      the stripplot widget has been modified while the behavior was not quite correct.

6.      the message button and textentry were not working well and have been corrected.

7.      When using correctly the layout possibilities offered by Qt, one can resize a window.

8.      Up to now when using “includes” only a placeholder could be seen in the designer. Now the included ui file is displayed inside the designer.

9.      For polylines and polygones, a graphical editor is integrated into the designer. One can create segments by pressing the left mouse button when moving the mouse and one can delete the last created segment by pressing the right mouse button.

10.     The graphical entities (rectangles, circles, ellipses, lines, arrows, triangles) can be  rotated by specifying a tilt angle.

Let me know of its usage, improvements, bug fixes, hints. Tell me if you like it.


Anton Mezger

Dr. Anton Chr. Mezger

Head of Accelerator Operations

Accelerator division   (ABE)   

Paul Scherrer Institut, WBGB/103

CH-5323 Villigen PSI 

E-Mail:   [email protected]

Phone:  ++41 (0)56 310 3406

Fax :      ++41 (0)56 310 3383

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