EPICS Controls Argonne National Laboratory

Experimental Physics and
Industrial Control System

Ten Really Neat Things About EPICS

  1. It is free. No license fees, no new payment for every upgrade. You can download EPICS free of charge from the web.
  2. It is Open Source (i.e. the source code is accessible). Adaptions and changes due to a special environment are therefore possible.
  3. There are lots of users. It is tested and most bugs are already found.
  4. All a client needs to know to access data is a PV name. No single point of failure due to a nameserver and no messing around with fixed addresses.
  5. You can pick the best tools out there ...
  6. ... or build your own.
  7. The boring stuff is already done. For example the communication with Channel Access is stable and well tested.
  8. There is a lot of expertise available close by.
  9. A good contribution becomes internationally known.
  10. It doesn't matter whether you need 10 PVs or 10 Million PVs. You can scale EPICS almost freely.
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