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Subject: RE: Survey comments
From: Andrew Rhyder <>
To: "So, Sung-Leung" <>, "" <>
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2012 09:16:47 +1000
Hi Ivan
I am happy with either SIP of SWIG. SWIG is of interest to my colleague Richardo Fernandes who is likely to be doing the work. Any comments on why one should be preferred over the other would be welcomed.
Regarding the Model-View-Controller design pattern, there will always be a natural separation of sorts between the model running on an IOC and a view / controller running on an OPI, but this can be blurred. At the Australian Synchrotron, and I have heard stories from elsewhere, we have ended up with 
collections of PVs present in operational IOCs only to manage the look and functionality of MEDM/EDM based GUIs. In an attempt to alleviate this, we have attempted to build the EPICS Qt framework with enough functionality built into the widget set so the required widget interaction can be configured when laying out GUIs with Qt Designer. This leaves us with the opposite danger where the operational model can start to creep into the GUI. In other words, a GUI can be designed that embeds inappropriate operational functionality within the GUI, but at least this is choice that can be avoided. One test to see if the operational model has crept into the GUI it to turn the OPI off. If everything keep going, the OPI is clean!
From: [] On Behalf Of So, Sung-Leung []
Sent: Tuesday, 5 June 2012 2:10 AM
Subject: Survey comments

Hi Andrew,

Just a comment on your item 1:

>1.    Default installation should support C++ and python development
>We will be working on a python wrapper for EPICS Qt soon - (probably using SWIG?)

The path of least resistance seems to be using SIP and PyQt from:

All Qt-designer widgets can already be used in python code. Python widgets can be used in Qt-designer as plugins :

Also, I think working within the tried-and-true Model-View-Controller design pattern is a good choice for Qt and EPICS Qt.


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Survey comments So, Sung-Leung

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