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Subject: RE: EPICS CA Interface for caQtDM and epicsqt
From: "Mezger Anton Christian (PSI)" <[email protected]>
To: Zenon Szalata <[email protected]>, Andrew Rhyder <[email protected]>, "Williams Jr., Ernest L." <[email protected]>
Cc: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>, "Shankar, Murali" <[email protected]>, "Babbitt, Alisha" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2015 07:18:25 +0000
Dear Zen,

The merit of caQtDM is  to provide a framework for building operator screens the way MEDM or EDM did before. At PSI we use nowadays this new synoptic display framework. However caQtDM is more than that. One can easily build applications with it, where the user interface is designed with the Qt designer. The caQtDM class will take care of populating the display when any channels are defined in the display. Code can also be implemented easily to integrate an applications logic (we made one dimensional scans ,emittance scans, probe measurement programs, ...).

Merge of epicsQt and caQtDM is actually only "putting together widgets by plugins". The individual possibilities of the two packages are therefore complimentary and your code should not bother about it. 

Best regards


-----Original Message-----
From: Zenon Szalata [mailto:[email protected]] 
Sent: Montag, 23. März 2015 20:08
To: Andrew Rhyder; Mezger Anton Christian (PSI); Williams Jr., Ernest L.
Cc: Babbitt, Alisha; Shankar, Murali; [email protected]
Subject: Re: EPICS CA Interface for caQtDM and epicsqt

Hi All,
I have been using epicsQT for a number of years.  My approach is to use epicsQT widgets only when Channel Access is needed, for anything else I use Qt widgets.  Also, I did not find the QEGui display manager useful, since I prefer to create well defined standalone applications.
The related display I implement with a Qt push button and a little C++ code around, which works perfectly well for me.  I am using QEForm widget the way I would use Embedded Window widget in EDM.
I have not looked at caQtDM, since I became aware of it some time after I started using epicsQT.  I wonder what is the advantage of combining epicsQT and caQtDM?  Perhaps caQtDM has some useful widgets which might be missing in epicsQT?  In my opinion, epicsQT is very well written and reasonably complete and yet when I find it lacking, I just subclass my own widget either from a Qt widget, QWT widget, or from an epicsQT widget, to get what I need.
Now, my concern is that should epicsQT and caQtDM merge into one package, then all my epicsQT based application would stop working. But perhaps this kind of merger is not what is being contemplated.
Anyway, my 2 cents,

On 03/23/15 04:54, Andrew Rhyder wrote:
> Hi Anton,
> You are right, related display functionality is still display manager-centric.
> I have some thoughts on improving widgets from both widget sets so associated displays requests work well regardless of the display manager they are running within. Also some thoughts on the justification for keeping the current different behavior of each display manager.
> Improvements:
> =============
> Cross pollination would be good.
> The epicsqt widgets could use the caQtDM library to request associated displays when running within the caQtDM display manager. The epicsqt framework already uses caQtDM library functions when built with caQtDM and this would just build on that. Epicsqt widgets also already know if there is an application responding to their requests for associated displays (and even launch their own basic related display if there is no application support for related displays). This could be extended to ensure both display managers are supported by epicsqt widgets.
> Considering the other way round, the epicsqt framework display manager 'QEGui' will respond to requests to launch related displays from any widgets (including caQtDM widgets) that use the launch mechanism provided by the epicsqt framework library.
> Different display manager behavior:
> ====================================
> An accurate medm conversion tool should accurately mimic medm associated displays. A task that caQtDM does very well. The epicsqt framework can create related displays medm style, but does not target medm conversion and can also launch related displays as a tab within the current window, as a new main window, or as a dock in the current window. Also, these options are available from custom application menu bars and toolbars within QEGui as well as from epicsqt widgets (QEPushButtons). This functionality is intended to allow for the development of a suite of .ui files that run within QEGui and behave like a single modern custom application, with application specific menu bars and tool bars, not like a set of medm displays running with a display manager. If I have undersold caQtDM related displays, Anton, please correct me, but I think having a pair of display managers that handle both medm simulation, and modern application expectations is a plus.
> Regards
> Andrew
> ________________________________________
> From: Mezger Anton Christian (PSI) [[email protected]]
> Sent: Tuesday, 17 March 2015 18:35
> To: Williams Jr., Ernest L.; Andrew Rhyder
> Cc: Babbitt, Alisha; Szalata, Zenon M.; Shankar, Murali; 
> [email protected]
> Subject: RE: EPICS CA Interface for caQtDM and epicsqt
> Dear All,
> caQtDM and epicsqt have a different philosophy concerning the data io. caQtDM uses pure graphics objects that are populated by the caQtDM viewer. Epicsqt uses epics aware widgets, i.e epics is sitting underneath the widgets. Epicqt can view therefore the variables in the designer and the graphical widgets of caQtDM cannot. The two packages can be concurrent, while they consist of plugins for the designer. The viewer of both packages can thus use both widget sets. It is already some time ago that the integration of both widgets took place. It is however not impossible that after a year, things diverged. I think that related displays are not (well?) supported by the epicsqt viewer (Andrew, please correct me). If you use this feature of caQtDM, then use the caQtDM viewer and plugin the epicsqt widgets.
> I hope this explanation helps you.
> Best regards
> Anton
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Williams Jr., Ernest L. [mailto:[email protected]]
> Sent: Montag, 16. März 2015 21:08
> To: Mezger Anton Christian (PSI); [email protected]
> Cc: Babbitt, Alisha; Szalata, Zenon M.; Shankar, Murali; Williams Jr., 
> Ernest L.; [email protected]
> Subject: EPICS CA Interface for caQtDM and epicsqt
> Hi Guys,
> Can you tell us a bit about the Channel Access interface you have for your package?
> Is it the same for both  "caQtDM" and "epicsqt" ?
> If not, how is it different?
> Thanks in advance for your time.
> Cheers,
> Ernest

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