EPICS Controls Argonne National Laboratory

Experimental Physics and
Industrial Control System

Base Release 3.16.1

This is a new major release of EPICS Base which has not been used much in operations yet, but the developers believe it to be stable enough for that. External modules written for earlier versions of Base may not build successfully against 3.16.1 or later versions without some changes, see the Release Notes document for information on any necessary changes.


The following documents cover EPICS Base versions 3.16.1 and subsequent patch releases. Additional documentation may be found in the documentation directory of the distribution source code, and in the html directory after successfully building the software.

NOTE: These documents may be revised at any time without notice or generation of a new source release. The Known Problems page will be updated if/when any serious bugs are discovered after release, up until the next patch version of the software is released.

Software Download

All versions of EPICS Base are available to the public under an open source license. Development versions can be checked out of our git repository on GitHub. The sizes of the download files can be seen on the Base Download page. The compressed tar files linked below contain source code only (no binaries), the [signature] link points to a GPG signature of the tarfile.

Related Software

MCoreUtils - Utilities for EPICS on Multi-Core Linux
A collection of utilities for running IOCs on multi-core (RT or not) Linux architectures.
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