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Building EPICS on Win32 using the MS Visual C++ Toolkit 2003

This page is now very out of date, see the main Windows installation page for more recent information.

This page provides instructions on the setup required to build EPICS on a Microsoft's Win32 system using the free (as in beer) MS Visual C++ Toolkit 2003.

Packages required

Compiler Installation

  1. Install the Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003.
  2. Install the Microsoft Windows Platform SDK.
  3. Extract the Microsoft Resource Compiler cvtres.exe from the downloaded self-extracting archive into a private toolkit directory e.g. \MissingMSToolkitFiles
  4. Either
    • extract the files msvcrt.lib and msvcprt.lib from the Microsoft .Net Framework SDK and copy them into your private toolkit directory; they are found in the \Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Vc7\lib directory.
  5. In your installation of EPICS Base, edit the file configure/os/CONFIG_SITE.win32-x86.win32-x86 and add the following line to it:
    ARCMD = link.exe /lib /nologo /verbose /out:[email protected] $(LIBRARY_LD_OBJS)
  6. Set PATH, INCLUDE, LIB and other compiler environment variables:
    call "\Program files\Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003\vcvars32.bat"
    call "\Program files\Microsoft SDK\SetEnv.Bat" /2000
    set LIB=%LIB%;\MissingMSToolkitFiles
    set PATH=%PATH%;\MissingMSToolkitFiles
    set EPICS_HOST_ARCH=win32-x86
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