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Subject: areaDetector R1-8 released
From: Mark Rivers <>
To: "" <>, "''" <>
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2012 19:16:42 +0000

I have released a new version (R1-8) of the areaDetector module.

The home page is here:

The documentation is here:

The release notes are here:

areaDetector is also available via the APS XOR Subversion repository here:

These are some of the major items from the release notes:

- Base classes 
  - asynNDArrayDriver 
    - Added new parameters: NDPoolMaxMemory, NDPoolUsedMemory, NDPoolMaxBuffers, NDPoolAllocBuffers, NDPoolFreeBuffers) 
      to monitor memory and buffer usage. Thanks to Ulrik Pedersen for this addition. 

- Drivers 
  - New Andor driver. Orginal version by Matt Pearson from Diamond Light Source. 
    This driver supports both USB and PCI cameras from Andor. 
    It runs on 32-bit and 64-bit Linux and 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. 
    This driver only supports the Andor CCD cameras, not the new Neo and Zyla sCMOS cameras. 
    The sCMOS cameras use a new SDK library, and will be supported in the next release. 

  - Perkin Elmer driver. Many new features: 
    - Added support for detectors with Gigabit Ethernet interfaces (e.g. model 0822). 
    - Added support for 64-bit Windows. 
    - Added support for binning. The allowed binning modes (X,Y) are (1,1), (2,2), (4,4), (1,2), and (1,4). 
    -  Added an additional ImageMode="Average". In this mode NumImages frames are averaged in the Perkin Elmer driver. 
    - Demonstrated ability to stream data continuously to local disk at 15 frames/s at 2048x2048 (120 MB/s) 
      and 30 frames/s at 1024x1024 (60 MB/s).

  - PSL driver. 
    - Added support for getting images from the camera for callbacks. 
    - Changes to support new version of PSL socket server syntax. 

  - Pilatus driver. Thanks to Matt Pearson from Diamond Light Source for most of these changes. 
    - New records for detector temperature and humidity, and a driver thread to poll these values. 
    - Read back the actual value of the threshold. 
    - Read the Tau value when setting the exposure time. 
    - Added support for setting cbf_template_file. 
    - Many bug fixes

  - Prosilica driver. Added support for the following: 
    - FrameStartTriggerDelay: Delay between trigger signal and actual frame start. 
    - FrameStartTriggerEvent: Edge or level of signal to use for trigger. 
    - FrameStartTriggerOverlap: Trigger handling when the previous frame is incomplete. 
    - FrameStartTriggerSoftware: Software trigger when TriggerMode=Software. 
    - PacketSize: When connecting to the camera the driver has always automatically found the largest packet size 
      that the camera and IOC computer support. This new read-only record provides the actual packet size. 
    - Updated the support libraries to PvAPI V1.26. This means that Windows users should install V1.26 of the 
      Sample Viewer program so that they are running a compatible version (V1.22) of the packet filter driver. 
    - Added the PvAPI library version to the report() function, to see what version of the library the driver was built with. 

  - Firewire Windows driver. 
    - Added READOUT_TIME parameter. The sum of the AcquireTime plus the READOUT_TIME controls how long to wait before a frame timeout occurs.
      Previously a hardcoded value of 1.0 second was used, which was too short for some slow cameras. 

  - URL driver. 
    - Bug fix to prevent infinite loop if there is an error reading the image. Thanks to Wang Xiaoqiang from PSI for finding this problem. 

- Plugins 
  - Added new records (QueueSize, QueueFree, QueueFreeLow) to monitor queue usage by all plugins. Thanks to Ulrik Pedersen for this addition. 
  - Added new records (PoolMaxMem, PoolUsedMem, PoolMaxBuffers, PoolAllocBuffers, PoolFreeBuffers, PoolUsedBuffers) to monitor memory 
    and buffer usage by plugins that produce NDArray outputs that other plugins attach to. Thanks to Ulrik Pedersen for this addition. 

  - NDPluginFile. 
    - Added 2 new records, WriteStatus and WriteMessage to display status of file writing operations. 
    - Fixed bugs that caused crashes if memory allocation failed in Capture Mode. 

  - NDFileTIFF. 
    - Previously TIFF files were being written without the SampleFormat TIFF tag. 
      This meant that the file did not distinguish between signed and unsigned integers, and floating point TIFF files were not supported. 
      Some readers, notably the Python Imaging Library (PIL), do not recognize 32-bit TIFF files unless they contain the SampleFormat tag. 
    - The plugin can now write TIFF files with any NDArray type (Int8, UInt8, Int16, UInt16, Int32, UInt32, Float32, and Float64). 
      IDL can read TIFF files with all of these data types. 
      ImageJ can read all except Float64. 
      PIL can read all except Int8, UInt32, and Float64. 

  - NDFileHDF5. 
    - The first change below is from Michael Davidsaver, the rest are from Ulrik Pedersen. 
    - Added a flag to allow building with HDF5 1.8.4 and above. 
    - Added feature to do file flushing on every Nth frame. 
    - Added ability to change the chunking size for columns and captured frames in addition to the number of rows. 
    - Added boundary alignment, boundary threshold, and setting istore_k parameter. 

  - NDFileNexus. 
    - Numerous bug fixes

  - NDPluginProcess 
    - Renamed the filter type "RecursiveSum" to "Average", which is a more accurate description. 
    - Added new filter type "Sum" which is a true sum of NumFilter arrays. 
    - Added new bo record, AutoResetFilter. If enabled then when NumFiltered=NumFilter the filter automatically resets. 
    - Added new bo record, FilterCallbacks with choices "Every array" and "Array N only". 
    - Improved the logic of the SaveBackground and SaveFlatField parameters. 

  - NDPluginStats 
    - New statistics added which give the X and Y pixel locations of the minimum and maximum values, 
      MinX_RBV, MinY_RBV, MaxX_RBV, MaY_RBV. Note that these are only valid for 2-D monochromatic images. 
      Thanks to Tom Cobb for these additions. 
    - Time-series arrays 
      - Changed code so that time series are collected internally in the plugin, rather than using callbacks to the 
        fastSweep device support for the mca record. 
        This is more efficient, and eliminates the dependence of the areaDetector module on the mca module. 

- Support libraries. 
  - Numerous changes to allow areaDetector to run on older Linux systems
  - New host architectures, linux-x86-gcc43 and linxux-86_64-gcc42. 
    - Users with older Linux systems should be able to run one of these architectures. 

- OPI files 
  - New medm screen, commonPlugins.adl. This screen provides an overview of the status of all the common plugins, 
    and allows one to enable/disable and change the asyn source port. 
    - New directory, ADApp/op/opi, which contains CSS-BOY screens. Thanks to Erik Hanson for providing these. 
    - New directory, ADApp/op/edl, which contains EDM screens. Thanks to the folks from Diamond for providing these. 

Mark Rivers
Building 434A
Argonne National Laboratory
9700 South Cass Ave.
Argonne, Il 60439
Phone: 630-252-0422
FAX: 630-252-0436

RE: areaDetector R1-8 released Chen, Xihui

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