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Alarm Handler

The Alarm Handler is one of the major EPICS OPI client applications, and is designed to provide an effective overview of any outstanding alarm conditions reported by the control system and also give the ability to manage the alarms in detail.

ALH was developed at the APS, but future maintenance by us is likely to be very limited.


The following documents are available. Textual links are to HTML documents, and other formats are indicated by an icon link. More information about the Flash demos and help, if you have trouble, can be obtained here.

Software Download


A prebuilt version of ALH for WIN32 is available in the combined file of EPICS WIN32 Extensions - read the Readme.txt file for more information about this package.


The source code repository for this software is the github project epics-extensions/alh.

The following tar files contain source code only (no binaries), and were compressed using gnuzip.

Required Software

Alh requires that the Motif and X11 header files and libraries be available and that the X11 and MOTIF settings in CONFIG_SITE.<host_arch> be set correctly.

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