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Subject: Re: User Created File Types: FILE TYPE += ABC [EPICS R3-14-12]
From: Bruce Hill <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2012 13:27:20 -0800
I like Nick's approach of having all build directories support the
same targets.   Maybe we just need to figure out what kind of
build targets envPaths and st.cmd are and where to install them.

envPaths and st.cmd will typically be unique to each IOC, so
if you install them to bin/$(T_A), you'd need unique filenames
for each.    Our approach for this is to use the ioc instance name
as part of the filename.    For example, instead of st.cmd, we
could use $(IOC).cmd

So where should envPaths and $(IOC).cmd be installed?
I'm tempted to propose

But I think this would work best if the "source" files were found in
That way the distclean targets could remove iocBoot.

To keep compatibility with existing installations, it would probably
be better to keep iocBoot as a source directory, and install to
a new path such as

That way if you don't have a need to install your startup files
to a different install location, you can continue to just use iocBoot/$(IOC)
for your ioc specific files.

- Bruce

On 11/4/2012 11:41 PM, [email protected] wrote:

At Diamond we do something different again. We basically don't include RULES.ioc  - all leaf build directories include the same set of rules. The boot script is just a SCRIPT target, and gets installed in bin/$(T_A).

The difference is that we have a rule that runs a script through macro substitution to generate an IOC boot script. The default macros that are substituted are the same as the environment variables normally kept in envPaths/cdCommands, e.g. EPICS_BASE=$(EPICS_BASE), INSTALL=$(INSTALL_LOCATION), ARCH=$(T_A) etc. We have modified convertRelease.pl to output these variables in a form suitable for use as msi command line options. With a bit of fiddling you can even have one script work for multiple target architectures.


Nick Rees
Principal Software Engineer           Phone: +44 (0)1235-778430
Diamond Light Source                  Fax:   +44 (0)1235-446713

From: [email protected] [[email protected]] on behalf of Bruce Hill [[email protected]]
Sent: 03 November 2012 06:11
To: Andrew Johnson
Cc: [email protected]
Subject: Re: User Created File Types:  FILE TYPE += ABC [EPICS R3-14-12]

We've done something like this in the photon controls group at SLAC.

We wanted to be able to build db files in the iocBoot/ioc-instance-name
directories.    In addition, we added RULES.archive and RULES.autosave
so we could create custom db, archive and autosave files
for each ioc instance.    That way we can create new ioc instances
where all the ioc specific files are located in the new ioc instance directory.

To do this, we moved everything in base's RULES.ioc after the line
that includes RULES_DIRS into a new file, RULES.ioc-targets and
replaced it with a single line:
include $(CONFIG)/RULES.ioc-targets

This allows traditional ioc's to build as before.

To build db files from the iocBoot/ioc-instance-name directory,
we change the last line in it's Makefile from:
include $(TOP)/configure/RULES.ioc
include $(TOP)/configure/RULES
include $(TOP)/configure/RULES.ioc-targets

Now when you run make in the ioc instance directory, your
Makefile can have DB += lines or other build targets like
the app build directories, and those targets get built in
O.Common or O.$(ARCH) as appropriate, and installed as
they would be from the app build directories.

As to installing the st.cmd or envPaths files, we haven't done
that exactly, but we did create a RULES.copy file that
supports installing a set of files to a single directory.
We've mostly used it to install protocol files.

It's used by adding this line to the end of your Makefile:
include $(TOP)/configure/RULES.copy

Then, above that in the area for build targets, you set
COPY_SUBDIR = name_of_destination_dir
COPY_FILES += name_of_file1
COPY_FILES += name_of_file2

The files are installed to $(INSTALL_LOCATION)/$(COPY_SUBDIR).

I've attached copies of these RULES files for
anyone who's interested.

While you can use them by putting a copy of each in your base/configure
directory and each IOC's $(TOP)/configure directory, the RULES files we
put in our $(TOP)/configure typically look like this:
% cat configure/RULES.ioc-targets
# RULES.ioc-targets
include $(EPICS_BASE)/configure/RULES.ioc-targets

- Bruce

P.S.   I just realized in re-reading this that there may be a flaw in our approach,
in that the envPaths file is generated in O.$(EPICS_HOST_ARCH).
That hasn't mattered here, as we've only used this for soft IOC's running
on the same platform as our build, but more work may be needed to
allow using this for cross compilation.

P.P.S.  I also tried setting INSTALL_LOCATION w/ RULES.copy and
RULES.ioc-targets to see if I could install st.cmd and envPaths.
Some things worked, others didn't, so again
more work may be needed to make it general purpose.
Be careful what you set COPY_SUBDIR to as the clean target will run
INSTALL_LOCATION defaults to TOP if you don't set it.
Thus, setting COPY_SUBDIR to "." can delete your ioc directories
out from under you if you don't set INSTALL_LOCATION. :0(

On 11/02/2012 11:38 AM, Andrew Johnson wrote:
Hi Guys,

The fact that both Ernest and Ralph want to be able to install files in an
IOC-specific directory tells me that the build system needs to be able to do
something like this, but it's not clear what the requirements are or where the
files should go.  The install path ioc/<name>  is an obvious target location,
but whatever we come up with will need to support the current way of building
IOCs as well.

Janet has taken a look at Ernest's original request and says it's not going to
work without making build system changes, so I think we/you should agree on
what we want to achieve before we fiddle with the current system too much.

IIRC Gemini has been using a build system that installs st.cmd files among
others for quite a long time, and I hope someone from there will pipe up with
what your requirements are or how your current application builds work so we
can consider them as well.

In the mean-time, it is possible for any application to override the build
rules in Base (it actually overrides the setting of the CONFIG variable that
gnumake uses to find the files) without having to make any changes to Base
itself or without having to have a private copy of those rules.  You just set
the RULES variable in your RELEASE file to point to a top area that contains a
configure directory with your local version of the files CONFIG, RULES,

Hoping for some collaboration here, although I know you're all busy.

- Andrew

On 2012-11-01 Williams Jr., Ernest L. wrote:
From: [email protected] [[email protected]] On
   Behalf Of Ralph Lange [[email protected]] Sent: Thursday, November 01,
   2012 8:12 AM
To: EPICS Tech Talk
Subject: Re: User Created File Types:  FILE TYPE += ABC [EPICS R3-14-12]

Hi Ernest,

the main issue behind this:
In the traditional EPICS build system, IOC startup files (actually
   everything under iocBoot) are considered source files. Other than for
   libraries, databases etc., these sources are not compiled in any way, and
   they do not create any products that are installed. Without an
   installation step, $(INSTALL_LOCATION) does not apply. ====
I think this is actually wrong and should be addressed.
They are indeed products built in the IOC area:
(1) envPaths or for vxWorks "cdCommands"
(2) The st.cmd is simply an ASCII text file; like a very simple database
   needing no MACRO expansion. In other words the st.cmd needs to be simply

Bottom line: Anything that is loaded by an IOC should be an installable set
   of libraries, files, etc...

Not having this of course, breaks symmetry. :(

Although, I know it has always been this way.  My INSTALLATION_TOP has
   always been right along side my APP. Now, I really want to push the
   products to a different location.

For our HZB/BESSY developments, we are creating the startup files
   programmatically in an ...App directory, so we changed our rules to treat
   .../iocBoot as an installation directory (much like lib, bin, ...), and
   install the created startup scripts there. In this setting, there is an
   installation step for these files, and $(INSTALL_LOCATION) works as
   expected. ======
I recommend that this become part of the EPICS main distribution for the
   reasons I stated above. This would everyone creating their own solution.
In this case, for backward compatability can we leave "iocBoot" in tact and
   create such as "ioc" ?

Trying to select the relevant configuration parts....

Our CONFIG contains:


The ...App Makefile uses this by setting:

IOCS = $( /* database call to get ioc names */ )


$(STCMD_INSTALLS): $(INSTALL_BOOT)/ioc%/st.cmd: $(COMMON_DIR)/st.cmd.%
          @echo "Installing [email protected]"
          @$(CP) $<  st.cmd
          @$(INSTALL) -d -m 644 st.cmd $(@D)
          @$(RM) st.cmd

$(COMMON_DIR)/st.cmd.%: ../%.st.cmd
          @$(CP) $<  [email protected]

Hope this shows the general direction...
Thanks, this is the direction we would like to go in.
Just be nice to get this into EPICS BASE as well.
Everything loaded on the IOC is a product. :)

Thanks again.



On 30.10.2012 16:51, Ernest L. Williams Jr. wrote:
Hi Janet,

How is it going?

For IOC Application deployment; I would like to take advantage of the
   $(INSTALL LOCATION). The only problem is that IOC Startup files do not get
   installed along with other products such as databases, libraries, etc...

So, I tried to do something like the following:

In my  $IOC_APP_TOP/iocBoot/<iocName>

============ CONFIG_STARTUP ========================
INSTALL_EDL = $(INSTALL_LOCATION)/ioc/vioc-b34-cd39

Add to Makefile:

========== Makefile =====================================
TOP = ../..
include $(TOP)/configure/CONFIG
# =====================================================
# Config for installing IOC startup related files:
# =====================================================

ARCH = linuxRT-x86
TARGETS = envPaths
INSTALL_STARTUP += envPaths rtPrioritySetup.cmd st.cmd
include $(TOP)/configure/RULES
include $(TOP)/configure/RULES.ioc
# =====================================================

The above does not work.

[[email protected] vioc-b34-cd39]$ make
/afs/slac/g/lcls/epics/base/base-R3-14-12/configure/RULES_DIRS:72: ***
   target file `clean' has both : and :: entries.  Stop.

Can you recommend a way to achieve this in the context of the EPICS
   Make/Build system?


- Andrew
Bruce Hill
Member Technical Staff
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

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