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Channel Access for GNU Octave

The CaOctave package has been superceeded by the addition of support for Octave to the MCA package (ORNL) from Kay Kasemire

Octave users may also be interested in the IOC-Octave (PSI) device support developed by Miroslaw Dach; this permits an IOC to send calculations to an Octave interpreter and interpret the results.

Caution, dead tree CaOctave

The CaOctave package is still provided here, but Kay Kasemir's MCA extension should be used instead, it is much more comprehensive and up-to-date.


The following documents are available. Textual links are to HTML or plain text documents, other formats are indicated by an icon link.

    by D. P. Siddons, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Software Download

The following tar files contain source code only (no binaries), and were compressed using gnuzip.

  • Octave_cvs.tar.gz - This is a nightly CVS snapshot, since no numbered release is available.

Required Software

CaOctave is based upon the EZCA library, which must be installed and compiled first.

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