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CAU: Channel Access Utility Tool

CAU is a utility which provides some commonly used Channel Access capabilities from the command-line. These include:

  • storing a new value for a channel
  • getting the present value for one or more channels
  • sending software signal generator output(s) to one or more channels
  • monitoring one or more channels
  • some simple tests for monitored channels


You can get help information by typing "help" at the cau prompt.

Release notes (3 Jul 2007)

Software Download

The following tar files contain source code only (no binaries), and were compressed using gnuzip.

Required Software

CAU, version 20020802 only, makes use of some library routines and headers from libpprsyd, which is part of the old (deprecated) AR data archiver. You'll have to download and compile AR (or at least its syd subdirectory) before you can build CAU.

When built with R3.14 base, ar uses header files and/or libraries from the following extensions, it is necessary that they be downloaded and built first.

  • ts (when built with R3.14 base)
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