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EPICS R3.14 extensions directory structure

An EPICS R3.14 extension directory has the following directory structure:


where configure is a directory containing build configuration files and extension1, extension2, ... are EPICS extensions (subdirectory trees containing Makefile files and source files to be built).

It is also possible to create an extensions directory structure using the makeBaseExt.pl script that comes with EPICS Base; you don't have to download and install one of these tarfiles, although the resulting src/Makefile does not have the module dependency information as described below.

Software Download

The source code repository for these files is the github project epics-extensions/extensions.

The tar files below contain source code only (no binaries), and were compressed using gnuzip.

Extensions Top (New method)

The extensionsTop gnuzipped tar file contains the extensions/configure directory, top level Makefile, the src directory and src/Makefile.

The src/Makefile knows all the standard EPICS extensions directory names and can build any that are present in the correct order for dependency resolution. To use an extension with a specific version number in its directory name, edit the assignment statement so the right hand side of the assignment exactly matches the name of the subdirectory containing that extension. For example:

ALH = alh1_2_23

Edit the DIRS definition in the Makefile to change the order of building (the wildcard at the bottom removes any directories that don't exist from the list).

Configure Files (Old method)

The extensionsConfigure gnuzipped tar file contains the extensions/configure directory and a single top-level Makefile; the user is responsible for creating the src subdirectory and a src/Makefile if desired. This method of distribution is being replaced with the Extensions Top method described above.

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