EPICS Controls Argonne National Laboratory

Experimental Physics and
Industrial Control System

Tcl Interfaces

Current Maintainer
Bob Daly

There are other interfaces for tcl that have been developed for use with EPICS in addition to the software below. One such is a project at SourceForge called epicstcl which comes from the NSCL at Michican State University.

There are many places on the web for tcl/tk resources, for example www.tcl.tk/.


The following documents are available. Textual links are to HTML documents, other formats are indicated by an icon link.

Software Download

The following tar file contains source code only (no binaries), and was compressed using gnuzip.

Required Software

caTCL requires that the X11, Tk/Tcl, DP, and BLT header files and libraries be available and that the X11, TK, TCL, and BLT settings in CONFIG_SITE.<host_arch> be set correctly.

Since caTCL uses header files and/or libraries from the following extensions, it is necessary that they be downloaded and built first.

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